I know there are intelligent people here who both agree and disagree with my views, but most of the time ignorance, labelling and stubborn disrespect towards alternative views as well as cowardly bitching makes me think it is easier for me to pretend that Tumblr is somewhere where I can’t debate or voice opinions to a mature audience (even though my question revealed you’re mostly between 17-30).
I will stop altogether and request all of you not to interact or ask for my opinion ever again. Also, mentioning people in Tumblr posts in a ‘gossip’ manner is pretty fucking creepy.

I’m logging off. Tumblr isn’t worth this really.

I shouldn’t have listened to my friend and checked my tag. To be honest quite appalled and disappointed at people mentioning me on defence or attacking other users here. The argument/difference in opinion are between two people. Don’t bitch and don’t label me as racist (I saw that post too).
If you have issues with people’s views have the decency of asking to clarify first instead of placing such ignorant labels.
I have lived all my life with friends of all cultures, disappointed that anyone dares call me racist as soon as I don’t happen to represent your jaded values on anyone ‘deserving’ to be treated violently. Get your fucking shit together, grow some balls.


Untitled by Anil Kiliç